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Septoplasty / Turbinate Surgery

Septal deviation is a frequent cause of nasal obstruction. The septum is supposed to divide the nose into two equal halves, but often as a result of trauma or congenital issues is deviated and restricts one or both nostrils. A deviated septum causes turbulent airflow in the nose which can cause swelling of nasal projections called turbinates. Turbinates are mucosal lined structures whose job is to increase the amount of surface area inside the nose to warm and humidify inspired air. However, when the septum is deviated and there is turbulent airflow the turbinate responds to this by enlarging further exacerbating the problem.  When this issue does not respond to medical management such as nasal steroids, surgery is necessary to straighten the septum and reduce the size of the turbinates to restore normal air flow. If septoplasty and turbinate reduction are done as isolated procedures, incisions are typically inside the nose and there is no change to the appearance of the nose itself. Not infrequently sinus surgery is also performed with these procedures.

Downtime is typically 10-14 days. Incidence of complications is small and usually fairly minor. Regardless, the choice of a surgeon with the knowledge and expertise in these issues is paramount to develop a good treatment plan and give you the best possible outcome.
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