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While the face-lift has undergone many changes and innovations over the years, it is still the gold standard for rejuvenating the lower face, neck and with modifications, the midface. That being said the most dramatic impact of a facelift is on the jowls and neck skin. Many facelifts can be done through smaller incisions hidden in front of the ear which can be combined with our minimally invasive Facetite® procedure requiring less downtime than traditional lifts. One more recent advance for the short incision facelift is called the MACS lift which changes the direction the skin is lifted to allow for significant improvement in the neck and jawline that at one time was only possible with more extensive incisions. That being said, older patients or those with more extensive anatomic needs or those desiring more dramatic improvement may require a more traditional procedure with some additional recovery.

Regardless of the procedure our goal is to make you look rested, rejuvenated and a better version of yourself rather than “done”. We would rather family and friends notice something different about you and think you look more rested rather than wonder why your face and neck look over-pulled. Most facelifts require anesthesia and downtime can range from 1-3 weeks depending on procedure. Complications can occur although are uncommon. Dr. Wolpoe has extensive experience in numerous types of lifts and can tailor the extent and type of procedure to your needs.
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