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Elora V.


Doctor Wolpoe was an actual life saver for our family. My baby boy had 5+ months of illness and ear infections, was always at the doctors/ really struggling/ losing weight. Our consult was a breeze, he and his wife are basically baby whisperers. My son had ear tubes put in before we knew it and everything changed. We are currently 3 months out from the procedure and things really couldn't be better. It's like the months he was dealing with non stop ear infections his growth and development drastically slowed, since the surgery he has jumped up to 90th+ percentile for height and weight, has grown a little personality, and started talking.

If your little one is needing ear tube surgery, Dr. Wolpoe is a must see. There is a serious need for surgical ENT services in this community, he came to town and met that need at 110%. The quality of care, professionalism, and compassion go unmatched around here.


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Ashlee M.

I recently brought my mom in for a Morpeus8 treatment and Botox and she had a great experience.
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Meschelle R.

Dr. Wolpoe was kind, thorough and made me feel right at home in his office. I really appreciate the kindness and the service.
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Velma M.

Dr. Wolpoe spotted the anatomical problem within seconds of examining me, and even saw my previous nose break and which side it was on- a feat not accomplished by the ENT’s I’ve seen around here.
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