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Sandy W.


I first began seeing Dr. Wolpoe several years ago when I was diagnosed with a very rare form of Melanoma on my nose, called Desmoplastic Melanoma. I credit Dr. Wolpoe with saving my life, after being put off for 3 years by another doctor, who claimed that the small tumor on my nose had always been there and I just never noticed it. Dr. Wolpoe was suspicious and sent the tissue back east to have a second opinion, where it was diagnosed for what it was. Over the course of the next many weeks, Dr Wolpoe sent me to a specialist in Minneapolis, where I ended up having 15 surgeries on my face, as well as immunotherapy treatments and radiation treatments. Dr Wolpoe is a true professional. He is compassionate, caring and kind. I couldn't recommend a better ENT who specializes in facial and plastic surgery


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Ashlee M.

I recently brought my mom in for a Morpeus8 treatment and Botox and she had a great experience.
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Meschelle R.

Dr. Wolpoe was kind, thorough and made me feel right at home in his office. I really appreciate the kindness and the service.
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Velma M.

Dr. Wolpoe spotted the anatomical problem within seconds of examining me, and even saw my previous nose break and which side it was on- a feat not accomplished by the ENT’s I’ve seen around here.
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