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Tracy S.


I can't speak highly enough about this practice and most importantly Dr Walpoe and Nurse Rhea. My son has had sinus infections since he was 4 years old. At 14, they culminated a few months ago in a severe ear infection that hospitalized him. Dr. Walpoe was there to treat him on an emergency basis and then was diligent in listening to the medical history and past unsuccessful treatment attempts for his chronic sinusitis. He patiently explained a surgical procedure to my son so that everyone understood what the options were and we chose a treatment plan together. He even worked around my son's school schedule to do the surgery during his break so he wouldn't miss school! Dr. Walpoe is very personable and down to earth. He is a phenomenal physician and surgeon that I would, and do recommend to EVERYONE!

Nurse Rhea is the heartbeat of the practice. She is amazingly kind, diligent, knowledgeable and helpful. She is persistently working through the vigorous hoops of our insurance company which is challenging with Tricare, to say the least. She knows each of their patients by name and is very empathetic.

This practice is amazing, I love the one on one interactions and the quality of care is top notch! We are blessed to have Dr. Walpoe and Nurse Rhea in Bozeman.


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Ashlee M.

I recently brought my mom in for a Morpeus8 treatment and Botox and she had a great experience.
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Meschelle R.

Dr. Wolpoe was kind, thorough and made me feel right at home in his office. I really appreciate the kindness and the service.
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Velma M.

Dr. Wolpoe spotted the anatomical problem within seconds of examining me, and even saw my previous nose break and which side it was on- a feat not accomplished by the ENT’s I’ve seen around here.
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